Day-cation Becker Style

So the hubs and I (who does have a name btw and it is Brett) are lucky enough to have a beautiful vacation condo on Hutchinson Island. Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly ours, but the in-laws live all the way up on Long Island and we live all the way down in FL…a mere hour and 45 mins from Hutchinson so you can understand how I practically have partial ownership…

Anyways…since Brett and I are so generous, we decided we would travel up to the condo just to make sure everything was okay and all. I know…so selfless. So on Sunday night we packed an overnight bag and headed up to Hutchinson for a 4th of July Day-cation. I am all about living large on my day-cations. Seriously, a well played day-cation can be just as rewarding as a full blown vacation.

For example-

1. A well thought out day-cation becomes amazing when you go someplace with an incredible view. (Which means that if you are lucky enough to live someplace with an amazing view I guess you don’t have to go anywhere!)

The handsome hubs admiring the view

2. A good day-cation means eating mini frosted Hostess donuts for breakfast. Okay, so maybe only Brett did this while I opted for an english muffin instead, but the point is that you COULD eat Hostess donuts for breakfast. Because it’s a day-cation and all.

3. A good day-cation means eating as much ice cream as you want. In our case that meant eating ice cream and cookies for dessert after both lunch AND dinner. Because both meals totally call for desserts. Obviously. Sadly I do not have photos of our day-cation ice cream binging, but I can assure you that it was delicious. Both times.

4. A good day-cation always includes one of my all time favorite activities–reading. And reading becomes even better when you are sitting on your outdoor balcony overlooking the ocean. And it’s even BETTER when you are sitting outside, relaxing and reading while your husband is inside cutting up watermelon and baking sweet potato fries (which put together makes a totally acceptable day-cation lunch).

5. Staying in your bathing suit as long as possible is a day-cation must. And trust me, staying in your bathing suit while you do mundane tasks like washing the dishes, makes the task all the more enjoyable! In my case I stayed in my bathing suit until my skin started to itch from the ocean water and I happened to look in the mirror and see the thousands of salt grains clinging to my hair and face. I looked like I had lice. Or a terrible case of dandruff. Gross

6. Walking on the beach at sunset. Does this really need further explanation? This alone makes a day-cation magical. Add in some ocean gymnastics moves and it becomes over-the-top amazing.

(I know what you’re thinking- “She must be a professional gymnast! Just look at that form!” I can assure you I’m not-although I did love gymnastics until I shot up 4 inches in 6th grade causing my coach to tell me that I would never be a true gymnast and thereby crushing my gymnastics dreams).

7. The last thing you need to make a day-cation amazing is bringing along your hot husband. Luckily that’s not an issue for me as mine seems to come everywhere with me these days. Lucky me. πŸ™‚

All in all it was a wonderful day-cation, complete with watching fireworks from the hot tub on Sunday night and watching about 7 more firework shows on the hour and 45 minute drive back home. Life is good. πŸ™‚

Wedding and honeymoon pics coming soon!

One thought on “Day-cation Becker Style

  1. Lauren says:

    haha I love this!! So cute. Although your “hot husband” looks naked in that last photo…just figured I should inappropriately point that out.

    Annyway…. even though your day-cation doesn’t quite compare to my typical days lounging around the humid, hot, congested streets of Providence while old men with missing teeth use Koli as a way to strike up a conversation with me, I have to admit it does sound pretty nice.

    So happy you started blogging!!

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