Lazy Sundays

Happy Weekend! I think I have come to enjoy/appreciate weekends so much more since I started my new job (I am a Child Life Specialist at a Children’s Hospital-a job I will talk more about in the near future). For the past 4 months I have worked every-other weekend, which basically, to be honest, has been terrible. Although I have Friday and Monday off on the weeks I work weekends, not having 2 days off in a row makes me come back to work feeling less than refreshed. Luckily, I am changing departments starting in August to an outpatient unit which is closed on weekends. So my schedule will officially change back to the norm Mon-Fri in only a few more weeks (and I couldn’t be happier about that!) Anyway, all that to say..I love weekends with a renewed passion and this weekend happened to be a great one!

Just for kicks here is a list of 10 things that made this weekend fantastic: (Because I’m sure you’re all dying to know…)

1. Watching Harry Potter Friday night…and Saturday night….and again tonight. The hubs and I are preparing ourselves for HP7 part 2 this weekend, which obviously means having a HP viewing party of all previous movies.

2. Shopping with the husband on a Saturday and finding super sweet finds at different stores. We have been trying to finish out our wedding registry, buying things we still need. Which luckily is not that much. And although I usually hate hate hate long shopping days, Brett thoughtfully bought me a bag of coconut M&M’s at the Big Lots, which lasted me through the rest of our shopping afternoon. (On a side note, go buy those M&M’s they’re delicious!)

3. Sleeping in. Although thanks to my daily work schedule my body seems to think it needs to wake up at 7:30 am everyday. Including weekends.

4. Setting my alarm to go running before church but then turning it off to get 45 more mins of sleep instead.

5. Going to church. Because of my terrible (but soon to be changed!) work schedule mentioned above, going to church is not something I get to do every weekend and I really miss it when I don’t. Also, church is prime noodle watching, which I love. (Noodles=babies in the Becker household).

6. Cleaning the apartment. Weird? Well maybe but I love starting the week with a clean house.

7. Chatting with every one of my sisters on the phone. Doesn’t happen often enough!

8. Snuggling.

9. Making homemade caramel brownies! Although technically I haven’t tasted them since they’re still baking…but they smell good and that’s a good sign. (Update-brownies are out of the oven and they LOOK good…even better sign).

10. Well I could really only think of 9 reasons so number 10 is just HAVING a weekend. Because weekends are wonderful.

Back to Costa Rica…..

On your honeymoon, it's good to bring your own pool boy to get you drinks.

Still more to come…have a great rest of your weekend!

One thought on “Lazy Sundays

  1. Lauren says:

    So glad I got to talk to you this weekend! It was the highlight of mine. Now I’m going to head out and search for coconut M & M’s. When I come visit, let’s put those IN the brownies. I know Brett won’t eat them that way, but it just means more for us! 😉

    Happy Harry Potter week!

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