Tuesday Thoughts

After a long day at work I feel like the best way to unwind is snuggling with the hubs and watching Harry Potter 6 (That’s the Half-Blood Prince for all you HP hating Muggles…). Our HP viewing party is still going strong as we near the release of HP 7 part 2. And no, I will not be there on opening night with my cloak and wand. That is just ridiculous. Obviously. (For anyone who may be wondering I really don’t have a cloak. Or a wand. For whatever reason, the husband seems to think that buying a Harry Potter wand is a waste of money. Ridiculous, right?) And we actually will not be there opening night, due to an insane week at work, so we will have to wait until next week. But when we do finally get to see it we will be well prepared, having seen all the previous ones so recently. We’re smart like that.

And no this post was not supposed to be about Harry Potter what-so-ever, but having watched it for the past 6 nights and having a husband who seems to be able to whistle nothing else besides the HP theme song for the past 6 nights, it tends to be on my mind. But really I wanted to share that my caramel brownies I mentioned a few nights ago was a success. Want proof?

What you cannot see if the layer of gooey caramel in the middle of the brownie. It was delicious. And it made me wonder why I ever make boxed brownies when #1. Homemade brownies are so much tastier and #2. They’re really not that hard to make, what-so-ever. All that to say, we enjoyed them immensely. So much so that the pan was made on Sunday night and now on Tuesday night they are gone. (This may be helped by the fact that Brett ate about 2 a day).

Brett and I are also patiently waiting for the rest of our wedding pictures to be posted by our photographer. And I use the word “patiently” loosely because my patience is not that strong to begin with and now I’m obviously itching to see the rest. But the one’s we HAVE seen are gorgeous!

More to come soon!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Okay, first of all, your wedding dress is gorgeous! You made such a beautiful bride. I love the wedding photos you shared! Beautiful. 🙂

    The brownie looks delicious! And the Harry Potter craze is definitely here too, haha!

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