Kids say the Darndest Things-Hospital Edition

So I really love my job as a Child Life Specialist, even though 99% of the time that I tell someone what I do I get this response..”Umm…what does that mean?” It means that I basically have the greatest job in the world, mkay? And for anyone who isn’t happy with that explantation I suggest you go here: To sum it up as simple as possible: I work in a children’s hospital with some amazing patients, helping them effectively cope with their hospitalizations and all that it may entail. And I love it. Although difficult at times, I could not ask for a more rewarding job, both for myself and the patients/family members I come encounter with. But all seriousness aside, one of the all time perks is 1. Getting to hold adorable noodles and 2. Getting to hear the ridiculousness that is kids all day long. For example; here is a (short) list of things I have been told by my patients JUST this week:

1. I was told by a five year-old that I looked like his grandma. (Awesome…..thanks.)

2. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I was told by a thirteen year-old girl that there was no way I worked at the hospital because I looked just like her sister “and she’s, like, 16..” (Okay, so this isn’t that abnormal since I get asked if I’m a volunteer by other hospital employees on a normal basis…)

3. After bending over to retrieve a toy, a three year-old joyfully told me that my butt looked big. (Kids are nothing but honest, right??)

4. After trying to get a seventeen year-old boy to drink barium solution for a procedure he told me that I worked in a torture chamber and obviously enjoyed torturing children. (I promise it’s not true…)

On a completely unrelated note here are things I am loving right now:

Drinking wine in the evening with Brett (and my husband’s amazing photography skills!)

My super secret homemade baked ziti

For anyone who may have been wondering why my blog is called “Tales of Life, Love and Ice Cream” just take a look into the Becker family freezer. Yes, that is correct, there are 6 cartons of ice cream in there. There have been some good sales, okay??

My gorgeous sisters and this loving, but awkward photo. Because that’s what the Buckel sisters do best…take awkward, but loving photos together. So nice.

Happy Thursday, now go watch some Harry Potter.

2 thoughts on “Kids say the Darndest Things-Hospital Edition

  1. Alex says:

    Haha! This post made me laugh! I work at a hospital as a speech therapist; I once had a little boy tell me I had old-people hands. “Ah. Thank you,” I said. Kids are definitely honest!

    • Christina Lynne says:

      Haha! I’m sure your hands don’t look like old-people’s, but yes kid’s will definitely tell you whatever is on their mind, regardless of whether or not it’s nice or tactful! (But their cuteness makes up for it of course….)

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