So I finally saw it…

Harry Potter that is. After an exciting morning at State Farm Insurance to finally switch my car insurance policy to FL (and then thinking that I may want to move back to PA when I saw that I will now be paying over double a month than what I have been paying….) the husband and I decided to award ourselves with a day time showing of HP. The original plan was to go to the DMV to get my new FL license and to register our cars, but hey, you can only have so much car excitement in one day so Brett and I convinced ourselves that Friday just wasn’t a good day to travel to the DMV. And off to the theater we went. Of course I had an awkward moment where I was adamantly against seeing the 12:50 show because it had subtitles for the hearing impaired and I told Brett I would MUCH rather wait until the 1:35 movie so I didn’t end up reading the movie (which always ends up happening and it’s a I right??) This wouldn’t be that big of a deal except for the fact that the ticket seller turned out to be hearing impaired and seemed all insulted that I didn’t want to read my movie. Awesome…

And no I won’t make you read a movie review on HP, I’ll just say that I thought it was a great movie. Besides one thing. After coming back from “death” Harry Potter fights Voldermort and ends up finally killing him. Woohoo we’re all excited, right? Wrong. The next scene shows little HP walking through Hogwarts where students and professors are just chilling and drinking coffee. Ummm excuse me? Yeah, remember that dark lord who threatened to kill you all? Well Harry just killed him…so yeah…could we cheer a little or something? Is that too much to ask?

And that’s it. I won’t talk anymore about Harry Potter. I WILL tell you that we are having potatoes yet again for dinner tonight (baked this time) and I’m excited. It’s the third or fourth night in a row eating potatoes and I’m in heaven.

We got to see part 2 of our wedding photos. Our photographer is seriously amazing. Check out my favorites below:

Our amazing wedding party

Beautiful bridesmaids. Lauren may be about to bite me.

Handsome groom and groomsmen

Becker family

My amazing family. We love the head tilt.

Ok, seriously? My heart can't take it. So handsome.

I love this.

Makes me want to re-live the day all over again!! Have a happy weekend.

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