When Monday becomes Sunday except it’s 10 million times not as good.

So because I worked this weekend I had today off. (Although let me tell you that this was my last weekend working and the husband and I did a happy dance in the dining room when I got home last night). Because we decided NOT to go to the DMV on Friday (since seeing HP was definitely more important), we dragged ourselves there early this morning (as in 10:30 am). And of course it was insanely busy (and why weren’t all these people at work!?) The lady who gave us our ticket said it would be about an hour so we decided to go across the street to the Wal-Marts to get some much needed sustenance (i.e. sweet and sour Twizzlers and peach ice tea). Because obviously it’s pretty impossible to wait an hour without food. Awkward side story, I decided to make a bathroom stop at the Wal-Marts, thinking that it would be cleaner than the DMV restroom. So I do my business and go to get some toilet paper, accidentally knocking the roll of toilet paper off from the top of the dispenser and watching as it rolled away, under the next stall. Which was just awesome because I had nothing else to use and a woman was taking her sweet time at the sink washing her hands. And of course looking back I could have asked her to get some for me, but instead I just sat there, waiting for her to leave so I could make a half-naked dash into the next stall to rescue my TP roll. TMI? Maybe, but there it is.

And good thing we ended up getting those Twizzlers because the lady who gave me my ticket told me a terrible lie and we ended up waiting 3 1/2 hours, not 1. And those two numbers are totally not even close. After finally being called and being helped by the rudest lady in the DMV (she yelled at the hubs and made him “step away from the counter!” just because he answered a question for me!) I finally got my FL license. Here’s the proof:

And of course my picture came out just AWESOME. Because I definitely wanted to look like I’m 16 until the year 2019.

And when you’re grumpy after spending close to 4 hours in the DMV, the best thing to do is bake a Mississippi Mud cake after getting some snuggles from the hubs.

And you should always bake looking your absolute best in your husband's big yellow t-shirt.

We haven’t eaten it yet, but it definitely looks delicious. If it turns out to be as good as it looks then I will share the recipe in my next post. But really, how could it not be good because it has marshmallows in and on top of it and marshmallows pretty much makes everything delicious. Here’s one more look:

As you can see I was really careful about keeping random objects out of the picture like my hand, or the husband’s wallet.

So as bad as our Monday started (thanks to you mean DMV lady!) It’s ending pretty great with garlic bread, Jaws playing on MoviePlex, snuggling, and Mississippi Mud cake to look forward to eating.

Hope your Monday’s were great and DMV-less!

5 thoughts on “When Monday becomes Sunday except it’s 10 million times not as good.

  1. Nicole says:

    1) Love your blog and am adding to do my blog reel… I know, you don’t have to thank me.. you’re welcome. really, you’re welcome. millions read my blog. BAH

    2) Why didn’t you show your address to the blogging world? I know there are many people who want to stalk you in that yellow shirt.

  2. Christina Lynne says:

    Well I am so excited that you added me to your blog reel so I can pull over your millions of readers! But really, how could you not have a million readers when you are posting tons of pictures of an adorable noodle!? Also, I totally wanted to post my whole address for any and all creeper to see, but Brett was against it. He knows how alluring I am in his big yellow t-shirt.

  3. Caitlin says:

    How is it that Florida not only allows you to SMILE in your pictures, but they also give you your license right away!? Virginia made me feel as though they were taking my mug shot AND force me to wait 7-10 business days. I’m moving to Florida.

    LOVE YOU!!
    and reading about how things are going in your life 🙂

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