And this is all very random…

So I don’t believe I’ve talked about my husband’s amazing couponing skill. He’s like the master of coupons. Seriously. It all started a few months ago when we watched a few episodes of that show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC. The people on that show fascinate me, with their stockpile of deodorant in their spare bedroom. Because seriously that would rock because if anyone came to visit and they smelled bad..well, you could just bring them a spare deodorant and problem solved.

So anyways, after talking to some co-workers who are quite good at couponing, Brett and I decided to give it a try. Of course I got bored of it in about a week because it involved a lot of work, cutting out all those coupons and taking the time to figure out the current sales (and let me tell you, figuring out the sales and what coupons to use takes math and as soon as the husband starts talking numbers, my brain turns off). The husband, however, took an immediate liking to it and it’s a good thing too because this kid has a gift. And I’m reaping the benefits of that gift. The cutest part is when he gets a really awesome deal on something and he comes home all proud, waving his receipt to show me our savings and then I’m thinking it’s awesome because I now have 4 things of body wash so I’m good for like 6 months.

And then the other day, I came home to this…

What you can’t see is that the cereal stockpile is two rows deep. I think there’s about 21 boxes in all. And he got them all for something crazy like .75 cents each. And to some people the thought of 21 boxes might be insane, but the husband and I eat a lot of cereal so we’ll be through it in a few months. And it gets even crazier because he got a coupon “rain check” on 9 more boxes because the store ran out. Just in case we don’t have enough already. Looks like our crazy stockpile has begun! But man oh man am I thankful for this guy and his crazy couponing abilities.

I’m also thankful for this every night:

We definitely are blessed to have a great view with some amazing sunsets every night!

Now who wants some cereal?

3 thoughts on “And this is all very random…

  1. Brett says:

    Paul, you are quite welcome. I will make sure we have plenty of sugary cereals for your arrival.

    And there are 4 coupon inserts coming this Sunday in the paper, so everyone should buy some papers on Sunday!

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