Lifetime Sunday…

The husband and I had a great weekend down here in Southern FL. Because we didn’t get our fill of car-related activities with our 4 hour trip to the DMV last week, we decided it would be super fun to head to the Tag Agency on Saturday morning to get our new registration and license plates. Of course after waiting about an hour for my number to be called I was told that I didn’t have all the needed paperwork, so it looks like I will be back there next Saturday, which is just awesome. That was obviously my plan in the first place. Obviously. Luckily the day was made better after meeting up with some great new Florida friends, which was seriously the first semblance of a social life that Brett and I have had in months (we’re new in town, mkay??)

Sunday, aka the best day of the week, was a lazy day of wonderfulness. (And yes, that’s totally a word) After a great church service we headed to the grocery store for our weekly paper pick up to get the coupon inserts. Mr. Coupon was wicked psyched this week because each paper had 4 coupon inserts EACH!! Holy Cow!!! Could life get more exciting!? He wanted to buy 4 papers, but I talked him down to 2. I have a feeling, however, that he will be buying 2 more papers tomorrow because apparently the coupons were just THAT good!

What you don’t have a hardcore paper/coupon cutter?? Psh…all the cool kids have one.

The coupon pile:

After my weekly Sunday laundry/apartment cleaning spree we spent most of the afternoon watching some quality Lifetime movies, my favorite being “William and Kate”. Brett was especially thrilled with that one. I spent 90% of the movie asking Brett, “Do you think that actually happened?!” because I was obviously concerned with the film’s validity (for William and Kate’s sake, of course). However, being Lifetime I totally knew that they wouldn’t exaggerate the story what-so-ever. And I’m sure William and Kate were watching it, because I mean, if Lifetime made a movie about my life I would totally watch it.

Being the cool kids we are, Brett and I also spent some time taking some modeling shots on the couch. Because you never know when you might need some sweet head shots.

Oh, and for anyone that may have been wondering (I know you all were…) I didn’t make any delicious dessert today because we are still making our way through the huge Mississippi Mud cake from last Sunday. We are down to the last 2 slices though and it’s still delicious. I also realized that I never posted the recipe like I said I would, which probably disappointed my many thousands of readers. However, I’m about to crawl in bed with the hubs and watch “Sweet Home Alabama” before falling asleep so it will have to wait until next time.

Happy Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Lifetime Sunday…

  1. Mom says:

    Are you kidding me? A paper cutter?? You guys are seriously hard-core couponers! Awww, the good ole days when I would do the coupon cutter (with something called sissors) and then take my expandable envelope with dividers full of coupons to the grocery store. Those trips could last HOURS! But coming home with bags of groceries for under $50 felt great. Now, if I remember to bring ONE coupon worth $0.25 with me to the store it is worth a celebration! ha ha Love you guys!

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