Weekend Recap

Our weekend in pictures:

What, you don't put dinosaur sprinkles in your waffles??

Okay, so really all of these pictures were from Sunday because I was too lazy to take any pictures on Saturday. But today was the Sunday of all Sundays so the pictures totally make up for the entire weekend.

Weekend highlights:

1. Finding a totally amazing Italian restaurant on Saturday night and getting to share a great dinner with Brett’s aunt and uncle. (Even if the delicious garlic rolls made my mouth taste like garlic all night…)

2. Waiting another hour and fifteen minutes at the tag agency, not to get my actual registration, but just a temporary one that lasts 30 days. So I’ll totally get to wait AGAIN at the agency in a few weeks to get the real deal. Highlight? Maybe not, but at least I’m not driving around in a car with a registration that expired two months ago. Whoops.

3. Waffles with sprinkles. Delicious.

4. Meeting the cutest noodle at church and telling (begging?) the parents that Brett and I would LOVE to babysit whenever they need someone. (Side note, I’m never sure if people see this as a “oh wow, thanks that’s so great of you to offer!” or “okay, move away from my child you creeper.” But I just can’t help myself).

5. Watching a movie in bed with the husband, which of course meant tons of snuggles.

6. Going to the beach, even if it started raining after 15 minutes…at least we got to see some amazing lightning off in the distance!

7. Eating ice cream. ‘Nuf said.

Why do weekends go by so fast?? Monday morning is right around the corner and I don’t know if I’m ready yet…

Happy Sunday.

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