And we’re off!! Almost…

So tomorrow night (unfortunately after a full work day…boo) Brett and I will be boarding a plane to NYC to go see these amazing people:

check out the beautiful bride-to-be in the middle.

That’s right, Becker wedding number 2 is this Saturday and Brett and I are psyched. Of course we are excited for Brett’s brother Kyle and his bride-to-be Katie, I mean, who doesn’t love a good wedding? But we are also excited about seeing extended family members that we haven’t seen since our own wedding. As well as family members who weren’t able to come to our wedding AND I will even get to meet some family folk I have never met before!

The Becker/Busching bunch at our wedding.

Family gatherings are the best, right?

Becker women

One of these things is not like the others...I obviously missed the blonde memo

I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures from this weekend, which I will of course share once we get back to good ol’ Florida. Also, I will make you all jealous and tell you that we will be eating an ice cream wedding cake on Saturday. Yeah, that’s right. An ice cream wedding cake. Awesome? I’m thinking a yes….a love for ice cream runs in the Becker blood.

Excited about a fun filled family weekend with my handsome hubs

Have a great weekend!

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