Florida Summers

So I think Florida summers are deeply underrated. Seriously. When Brett and I were planning the big move down to Florida we received this reaction a LOT: “Ugh I could never live in Florida in the summer!” After hearing this about 50 times I started having visions of hell like temperatures which would leave us melting every time we stepped outside our nicely air conditioned apartment.

But guess what, Florida summers aren’t. that. bad. I know, crazy right? After spending 2 summers in NYC I can tell you that I’ll take Florida summers over NYC summers any day. Living in NYC in the summer is a constant state of stickiness. The heat just radiates off the buildings and the concrete and then, if you venture down to the subway it feels like a sauna. Except instead of coming out feeling rejuvenated you come out smelling like rotten eggs. And needing to bathe. Don’t get me wrong, I loved NYC, but I will take my humid weather that comes with a nice ocean breeze, thank you very much.

So Florida, I guess I’m just saying thank you for the beautiful surprise that is your summer. And then, when winter comes and I’m still enjoying your sunshine warmth while only needing to wear a light sweatshirt, I will love you even more.

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