A Florida Visit

I’ve been MIA this past week because I’ve been having too much fun with my parents, who were in town Tuesday through today. And it was wonderful. Like I’ve said before, I am a homebody and that homebody-ness extends past being with the husband-it encompasses my entire family. When I am surrounded by family my heart seriously feels the most complete and I just want to stay that way forever. Corny? Probably, but what can I say, I have an amazing family. Lucky me. And now I’m sad because we dropped my parents off at the airport today and it’s back to just me and Brett (which is obviously still wonderful).

Just look at that love!

Thursday night, after enjoying an amazing meal and homemade ice cream here in town, we traveled up to our favorite Becker vacation condo for the weekend because, really, there’s not a better place to be than on that island. Thanks to hurricane Irene (which missed us completely) we had some BIG waves. And I mean the kind of waves that catch you in the back, flinging you into a double somersault while attempting to rip off your bathing suit bottom. To some that may sound terrible, but really it was a lot of fun. Really. Regardless of the sand burns I have on my knees and thighs from being pounded into the sand every time I rode a wave. But I love the water and I’ll take any excuse to get in the ocean, crazy storm waves or not.

And I wish I took more photos, but I was too busy saving fiddler crabs from drowning in the pool and getting peed on by a frog (again, that I was saving from getting run over in the parking lot!) The weekend was amazing and I sucked up as much love from my parents as I could because I don’t know when we will get to visit again. Luckily, sucking up that love was easy because the weekend was wonderful and full of laughter, love and a LOT of fun.

These people are amazing:

And I am already looking forward to a next visit! Brett and I love company and the chance to explore our cute town like tourists and we are looking forward to the many friend and family visits we will have in the future (hopefully my sister Lauren is next!)

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

2 thoughts on “A Florida Visit

  1. Dad says:

    Thank you Christina for a fantastic weekend and all the nice comments about Mom and me. We loved being with you and Brett and are already looking forward to the next rip.
    I love you!! Dad

  2. Mom says:

    Thank you Christina! You and Brett were wonderful to us and we really enjoy hanging out with you. I feel we had so many more crabs to save! We really miss and love you guys!!

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