The Yogurt Club

So the yogurt club has expanded. What yogurt club you may ask? Well after Christine and I went last Friday we decided that it must become a weekly event because really, what better way to look forward to your Friday than by ending it with frozen yogurt? Except this week we went on Thursday instead. And we invited along 2 more people. Hence why it is now a club. (Because admit it, a club with only 2 people would just be sad). And let me tell you, I like looking forward to a frozen treat every single week. And to make it even better Shannon and I decided to form our yogurt club into a running/yogurt club! oh yeah! Everyone was excited about that one. Real excited. (And by that I mean, only me and Shannon were excited). And THEN we decided that we would train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, which is going to be in February 2012. You see that girls? I put it in writing. Which means we can’t back out now because then we would be embarrassed over the internet because everyone would know that we gave up. Okay? So get training….

On a totally unrelated note on the drive back from our island last weekend the sky was gorgeous. I’m talking Jesus cloud gorgeous. Yes, Jesus clouds. It’s when the clouds are all puffy and pretty like the pictures of clouds you see in hokey email forwards you get about never giving up and about how God is always watching you. Not that there’s anything wrong with those emails…they just always seem to have the fluffy Jesus clouds. So there you have it. Next time you see them you’ll know what they’re called.

The weekend is right around the corner and I am so ready.

Happy Thursday

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