A Photo a Day

Back before the husband and I were…well husband and I…when I lived in NYC and he lived in Boston (and then DC) our love was long distance. For almost 2 very long years. The funny thing is, at the time those 2 years seemed to drag by and I felt like they would never end. But of course now looking back the time flew by and dating long distance was a piece of cake. Oh the joys of hindsight bias.

Anyways, to keep our relationship fresh and exciting we decided to send each other daily pictures. So every night I would snap a pic of myself using Photo Booth and email it to hubs and he would do the same for me. This was obviously super important because it proved that I was still cute and he should keep me around for a little bit longer. And it helped in case we forgot what each other looked like.

After marriage Brett showed me that he had saved every single pic I sent him in a folder on his computer. Oh, the romance. Looking through the pictures I realized that I must have been really concerned about Brett leaving me because I only sent him the sexiest of pictures. Ones where I looked super hot and showed him exactly what he was missing.

Some of my favorites:

And sometimes I used one of the kids I nannied for as a prop...

Man oh man Brett, now I can totally see why you couldn’t keep away from me for long. That face up there totally won him over.

2 thoughts on “A Photo a Day

  1. Mom says:

    That baby looks sincerely scared! It is hard to see you other than beautiful, no matter how hard you try! No wonder Brett was smitten….and entertained!

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