A Farmers Weekend

For the past, I don’t even know how many weekends, Brett and I have had these ” go go go” weekends, that, although fun, have sometimes made me feel drained at the end of the weekend and less than ready for Monday morning. So this weekend we changed all that and decided to have a “hey let’s make no plans and just totally chill” type of weekend. And it was wonderful.

Saturday morning started with a walk to Starbucks where I enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte of the fall season. It didn’t matter that it was 85 degrees outside, for those 30 minutes in Starbucks I was fully enjoying my fall drink while imagining a crisp morning with golden leaves outside. And then our fall morning seamlessly transitioned back into our Florida summer afternoon with some swimming and sunbathing by our pool.

On Sunday the hubs and I finally made it to the Farmers Market, where I have wanted to go since we moved here over 6 months ago. Every Sunday, passing it on the way back from church I have casually mentioned “oh..we should go there” and yet it never happened. So for our “chill” weekend I finally decided that today was the day we were making it happen.

The Farmers Market was great. Held in a huge open warehouse it was full of vendors, selling everything from baked goods to kittens.

Oh kitties I wanted to take you home with me so badly but husband said no.

Although there were many things there I wanted to buy (like a kitty…) we ended up leaving with only some fresh Italian bread, which we had with dinner tonight (and man oh man it was good. It totally beats the “fresh” bread we have had to make due with from Publix. Oh New York, we really really miss your bread).

After dinner hubs could see that my heart was still so sad about leaving those adorable and very reasonably priced kittens behind so he offered to go on a “kitty walk” with me. Our neighborhood is basically infested with stray cats (really people, spay and neuter your cats already) and it is my job to go out there and make sure they are all fed and love. Except most of them won’t come anywhere near me even when I throw cat treats towards them. So ungrateful.

Hope your weekend was relaxing!

5 thoughts on “A Farmers Weekend

  1. caitlin irene says:

    You have a pretty great husband that he would entertain you by allowing you to look like a crazy cat lady..walking around with kitty treats in your pocket and feeding all the strays!

    when i come to visit, you can show me all “your” new pets 😉

  2. Mom says:

    Really? No photos with the kitties? I was going to show Special Boy that photo for sure! This place looks awesome! You should have gotten all your veggies and fruit there for the week! Everything looked so great, I am ‘green’ with envy!

  3. Kate says:

    Be warned. A need to take every kitten that you come across home is a sure sign you will soon be wanting babies of your own!! 🙂 It happened to me. We bought ‘Willow’, a black long-haired domestic breed kitty….3 months later we were pregnant 😀 Thanks for sharing you life with us. Love you positiveness and your fabulous writing style. Keep the posts coming!

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