Puppies are almost as good as babies

Ever since I’ve gotten married my desire to have a baby has shot through the roof. (Because let’s be honest, I’ve been excited to have a baby since I was about 15). Every noodle I see I want and I have this overwhelming excitement at the thought of becoming pregnant. However, Brett and I decided it may be a smart idea to wait until we move out of our one bedroom apartment and buy a house. You know, so the baby doesn’t have to sleep in the bathroom. But that doesn’t mean my baby desire has decreased one bit. Like an addict, I’ve tried to fill my noodle needs by holding any and every baby I come into contact with. Luckily I work at a children’s hospital so really it’s not that hard to find one to hold. Poor parents, thinking I’m being all professional when really all I want to do is squeeze their chunka’s flub.

And then, sometimes my baby obsession rises to a whole new level and I find myself asking random strangers if I can hold their child. Yup, totally normal.

Brett snapped this pic of me holding a random noodle at a restaurant. No, I did not know the parents, but their baby was way too cute to pass up. And as you can see I immediately went to work squeezing his large chubby thighs.

And then I moved on to squeezing his cheeks.

Well, since a baby is not happening at the moment, my baby desire has turned into a “hey, let’s get a puppy!” desire. Except Brett and I live in an apartment complex with an under 20 lb weight limit for dogs. And we are not small dog people. However, Brett and I decided to go to the animal shelter to torture ourselves look at the puppies.

And there we met this guy:

Well hello Tyson, chub! If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re going to be 65 lbs fully grown we would have taken you and your sweet rolls home in a heartbeat.

6 thoughts on “Puppies are almost as good as babies

  1. Gail@SophisticatedSteps says:

    Recently, I was nervous to bring up the idea to my hub that we (kids and I) wanted a dog. I thought maybe if I asked for a “smaller” dog he’d be okay with it.

    First words out of his mouth: “Well, I don’t want a little dog.” Which was clearly code for “yes, we can get a dog”.

    So, yea, we got a future 65 pounder. 😉 (Golden retriever.) And she is WORK!

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