Fridays and french fries

Happy Friday! I plan on celebrating the start of the weekend with the hub’s homemade fries for dinner. It seriously doesn’t get more delicious than that. Tomorrow husband has a photo shoot at the beach and I’m tagging along because I’m basically the best photographer’s assistant ever. Plus he’s taking some pics of one of the cutest and chunkiest babies ever so I need to come along because I’m his official noodle poser. And I take my job very seriously.

As for tonight I plan on snuggling up in my yoga pants (which hardly ever see any actual yoga…) with Brett, a good movie and some ice cream. Oh Friday, we love you.

4 thoughts on “Fridays and french fries

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Christina! I just found your blog five minutes ago and I love it already! Your posts are the best and you job sounds so interesting! It takes a truly special person to be a child life specialist. I’d love to hear more about it.
    Best Wishes,

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