Weekend recap

First of all I just wanted to say that this little blog of mine has gotten more visitors lately and to you I say, welcome! I have loved reading your sweet comments (I really love comments, I mean, who doesn’t?) and I am so happy that you’ve all stopped by. 🙂

Moving on. This weekend brought with it our first fall temperatures. Although the crazy thunderstorms we had all night Friday and all day Saturday brought some serious flooding around town it also brought cool breezes and shockingly low temps. On Friday night we slept with the AC off and the windows and balcony doors wide open. Yes, we might have picked one of the loudest nights ever to do so (seriously, some of the thunder was so loud it was shaking our building) but we were NOT about to pass up the crazy cool breezes. I actually woke up around 4 am (probs due to the apartment shaking thunder) to realize that my blankets were off and I was chilly. Chilly! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that feeling….

The crazy rain gave us an excuse to basically not leave the apartment all weekend. Like snowstorms up north we looked out the window, saw the trees blowing sideways in the wind and the rain pouring down and we were all like…”wow, sure looks nasty out there. We should probably just bunker down and watch movies all day..” So we did. Although we did leave the couch when I impulsively decided that I needed Chex so I could make some puppy chow. And when an impulse like that calls, you can’t ignore it.

Pics from our weekend:

When you suddenly crave some puppy chow it totally makes sense to make the full “9 cup party size” version. Because trust me, although your husband will look at you like you are crazy, you WILL eat it. Also, your hands work so much better than a spoon when you’re trying to get those Chex coated.

Husband is addicted to his fifa soccer game. Myself...not so much

I'm working on our engagement/wedding shower/wedding day scrapbook

Tomato soup and a grilled cheese pita...perfect rainy day lunch.

Looking at our weekend pics you may come to the conclusion that most of our weekend seemed to revolve around food. To which I would say that you are correct. Brett also went out to CVS to buy a new bag of candy corn, since I was pretty concerned when we ran out on Friday. Candy corn MUST be in the house from now until Thanksgiving.

Speaking of food, do not attempt a 5 1/2 mile run 2 hours after eating soup and grilled cheese plus a large helping of puppy chow. Because I assure you, that food is still VERY much in your stomach. And it will lead you to have to stop 5 miles in and heave in some unsuspected person’s bushes. Gross, I know, but true. But obviously this will not stop me from eating more puppy chow tonight. Because it is just that delicious.

Also, when I got home from my run I got right into telling Brett my throw up story and I noticed that he was looking at my face kind of funny, but he didn’t say anything so I assumed it was nothing. 10 minutes later I walk into the bathroom and notice that I have about 5 dead tiny flies on my face. When running, my face basically becomes like a car’s windshield, which is just awesome. When I asked Brett why he didn’t say anything to me his response was, “oh…I thought it was your smeared make-up or something…” No babe, I actually didn’t put on my dead fly make-up this morning, it just didn’t go with my outfit.

4 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Whitney Cahan says:

    Christina, I was laughing so hard reading this that I had to read it to my dad too, and we were both cracking up! 🙂 thanks for the smile!

  2. Cecile says:

    Hello !
    I just discovered your blog this weekend and i love it !
    Nice part, the run and the dead fly 😉

    I just wanted to leave you a comment and say hi from Paris (i’m French).

    Have a nice week !

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