Random Tuesday Thoughts…

Just doing my favorite activity; sitting in the street, feeding and loving random stray kitties.

1. Tonight the husband and I had waffles for dinner, which I loved. Because I am big on having breakfast for dinner. Okay, actually I am huge on breakfast in general. Which means that eating basically 2 breakfasts in a day automatically makes a day special. But what was CRAZY was the fact that hubs and I both decided we wanted waffles for dinner at the exact. same. time. Now that’s love.

2. Today at work one of my good friends was convinced all day that I was pregnant because our hospital’s therapy dog could not seem to leave me alone. And apparently dogs can sense when you have a bun in the oven? Although I am 99.9% sure that I am NOT preggers, I tried to get more of a definitive answer out of her like, “okay, bark once if I’m pregnant, bark twice if you’re just enjoying lovin’ on me…” Sadly, she did not give me a clear answer. But, if by some heavenly miracle I am pregnant, than I think that dog deserves a raise.

3. Our running club is killing our twice weekly park runs. Except now we’ve hit that point where we all think “hmm we should probably up our mileage…” And yet we are all so comfortable with our easy runs that it’s hard to think about pushing ourselves more. But we are determined to do so on Thursday, since we get to reward ourselves with fro-yo afterwards. And I mean immediately afterwards. As in, I am mapping out a run that starts and ends in the fro-yo parking lot. Because we are just that serious about our yogurt.

And that’s about it. Happy Tuesday (although I was made less happy when I realized that Glee and New Girl were not on tonight thanks to a baseball game…oh, the disappointment…)

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