Thursday sneak peak

Soooo the running club flaked out on our big “up our mileage and then immediately eat some fro-yo” plan for the evening. Thanks everyone for having such busy, busy lives.

However, the canceled running club left me free to tag along with the husband on his photo shoot. He was supposed to have the shoot last Saturday on the beach, but for whatever reason the family didn’t think they would get any cute pictures of their little nood blowing over in the wind and getting drenched with the monsoon rain. Go figure. So they rescheduled the shoot for this evening at a local park. And I had the very serious job of baby posing/”lets try to get the baby to smile at the camera” distracting. But let me tell you, this little chub was a natural born model, complete with unique facial expressions and poses. Way to do your own thing, little man. Brett started editing the photos tonight and he was nice enough to finish two of my favs so I could post them on this here blog for your viewing pleasure.

First up:

How cute is that little face? And I love his expression, he totally looks like he’s checking out some ladies at the park: “Dang girl! Lookin’ fine in those pull ups!” Love it.

And then we have:

Because what baby doesn’t look adorable snackin’ on their own toes?

Oh, chubs you were made for the camera.

The weekend’s almost here and we’re ready. Have a great Friday!

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