Running Reflections


Today one of my favorite patients went home. This noodle has been here for months and he always lit up my day (as well as 99% of the staff’s). He became a constant in my daily routine. Need a pick me up? Just walk down the hall to see this little man and watch his eyes light up as I walk in and say hello. Instant lift. I don’t care if I had the crappiest day, this guy could make everything alright just by blowing me one kiss. But now he’s gone. And although I KNOW I should be happy, my heart is still sad. So today I came home, laced up my running shoes, and I ran.

I am strategic. Usually before every run I am on (awesome website by the way) mapping out a run and factoring the exact mileage. But not today. Today I went out and decided to just run until running didn’t feel good anymore. And when I got to the point where my mind knew I should be tired, my legs told my mind to shut up and just run faster. And it felt amazing. I ran and I thought about my little man. I thought about the natural flow of working in a children’s hospital. Patients arrive, child life specialist becomes way too personally attached to patient, patient leaves. It’s bound to happen. But as I ran I thought happy thoughts for this noodle and his family. I thought about the excitement his siblings will have at finally having him home, of a normal routine that will hopefully soon develop in his life, and the happiness I felt at the fact that he is healthy and thriving. But I will miss this cutie and his daily love.

Brett continues to be my favorite person in the world by making me his super special banana cake tonight. Or as I like to call it: “banake.” Tomorrow the running club is upping their mileage and then celebrating by immediately going to Yogurt Land. Notice how everything always seems to circle back to food?? Whatevs, I can’t escape my sweet tooth.

Can you believe the week is already half over?? Craziness. Enjoy your Wednesday night! Just give me some cake and a new Modern Family episode and I know it’s going to be a good night.

2 thoughts on “Running Reflections

  1. Dad says:

    Christina: I am glad that you enjoyed your run. Not everything you do needs to be structured. Some of my favorite runs were just runs. No plans, no set pace, no set distance. I would just run for the sake of running. Sorry about your “little man”, but thank God you and all the staff at the hospital are so talented that he has an opportunity to go home and live a new life!

    Modern Family stunk. It looks like they ran out of jokes already after the first two weeks.

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