What’s better than library books and kitties?

It’s Sunday night…where did the weekend go? Ours was full of racy rouge toenails (okay, only mine not Brett’s, for some reason he’s against me painting his toenails), holding kitties at the farmer’s market (again, only me) and enjoying time at the library (annnnnddd that would be only me again). Okay, so maybe our weekend was full of things that I enjoyed. That’s the best kind, right? But seriously, we hit the library yesterday and there, just waiting for me, were 5 new releases I have been dying to read. What are the chances that none of them were checked out? Yup, it was my lucky day alright. (And I will admit, that trip to the library? Yeah, totally the highlight of my weekend).

The weather stayed sunny and cool and the windows have remained open. I don’t know if I love anything more than hearing crickets chirp and feeling the cool breeze blow through our window as I fall asleep. We took our traditional Saturday morning Starbucks walk where I continued down the line of their fall drinks. This time I had a caramel apple spice, which, although delicious, was a little too sweet and didn’t hold a candle to my favorite pumpkin latte.

Now it’s time to cuddle up and watch a movie with the hubs. Hope your fall weekend was fantastic!

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