And who says we don’t get celebs down here in FL?

So let’s share a fun story.

Hubs and I love Target (I mean, who doesn’t right?) The other day we were there, just strolling around, looking for a new soap dispenser for our bathroom (and we found an awesome one I’ll just add). Suddenly, Brett catches quite a sight out of the corner of his eye. He does a “oh my gosh” and quickly turns to get a better view.

There, strolling through the children’s section of Target was a lady with the largest boobs I have ever seen. And now I know I will attract all the weirdos to my blog who are searching the word “boobs.”  Awesome. But back to the “you know what’s.” These things were HUGE. Like, larger than cantaloupes. I am NOT exaggerating. We were honestly wondering how the heck she was able to keep those things afloat on her chest without falling right over. But eventually we stopped staring and moved on.

Fast forward to last night. Brett’s flipping through the channels and happens to land on MTV’s “True Life: I Have a Hot Mom.” One of the stories took place in Miami, and then, suddenly, who should pop on screen but Mrs. Cantaloupe Boobs herself!! We were beyond thrilled at our luck. It’s not everyday you get to see that level of celeb. But there she was, on MTV, embarrassing her daughter with her un-human sized boobs.

And yes, I will admit that I tried to google her so I could find a picture to share with you all, but sadly I failed. And also, I will add that when you google “large boobed mom from mtv’s true life I have a hot mom” it may bring up some inappropriate websites. Just a warning.

And there’s our fun, celebrity sighting story.

And I will leave you with a pretty wedding pic. Since I couldn’t find a pic of the cantaloupe boobs. Sorry.

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