Reason # 1245672 I love my job.

Like I even need another reason to love my job. Seriously, just look at that face. Lucky me got to spend all week with this adorable dog. As I mentioned before, one of the services our children’s hospital offers is a therapy dog program. The kids LOVE her and she, in turn, does so much for them. In order to bring her around the hospital to visit with our patients you need to be trained to be a therapy dog “handler.” So that’s what I did. All week. And let me tell you, as fun as it is to hang out with 6 golden retrievers for 8 hours a day, 5 days in a row, this training was like dog boot camp. Ever been yelled at for not getting a dog to heel correctly? Yup, I have.

But then I just look at this sweet face and it’s totally worth it. And now, my best job ever just got bester (yes, bester) because now I get to do patient rounds with this here puppy every day. And after this week me and the dog are now the best of friends. The very best.

Happy weekend.

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