Happy Halloween!

A kitten with mittens. Except wearing mittens at work is a bit tough…you never think about how much you need your fingers until you cannot use them. Also, I almost dunked my tail in the toilet like 3 times. And although my face may make you think I was an evil kitten (or maybe a vampire kitten?) I promise I was the nicest of cats. I only hissed and clawed at a few patients today. Just the ones who were bratty.

Brett really loves kitties too. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this face:

He was not thrilled at wearing a kitty headband and gloves. I basically had to chase him around the apartment and tell him to be a good sport and just put them on! And he did, because people, that is love.

And the winner of the cutest costume award?

Do not fear-super dog is here!

Is she not the cutest? Honestly her costume was a bit masculine in my opinion (everyone kept saying how “handsome” she was) but whatevs, she totally works with what she’s got.

Happy Halloween!

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