Cakes is coming!

One of my best friends in the entire world is coming to visit me and Brett tomorrow; my younger sister Caitlin. Or as I like to affectionately call her, Cakes. The nickname is not derived from her particular love for cake, but from the fact that when she was little, she would pronounce her name like “cake-lin.” And cakes is such a great name it just kind of stuck. And I could totally say something corny like “And she’s as sweet as cake too!” But I won’t. Except it would be true. Besides the fact that she has never been the greatest fan of frosting. Crazy girl.

Cakes currently lives in the DC area and I had the absolute pleasure of living in the same place for 8 months last year (before hubs and I decided to pack up and move down to FL). And those 8 months were the greatest ever. I am missing me some sister nights, eating ice cream and watching “our shows.” Because for some reason shouting across my apartment to hubs while watching The Vampire Diaries (“Elana totally needs to go for Damon!!”) just doesn’t cut it. And now Cakes will be here for a whole WEEK of sistah sistah nights and I will finally get to watch my shows with someone who appreciates them as much as I do.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I give you a photo montage of sisterly love:

See you soon Cakes!!


2 thoughts on “Cakes is coming!

  1. caitlin irene says:

    Aw sister!!!! I love this. And you. I am excited beyond words. I can’t wait to come see you tomorrow! Thank you SO much for your blog post. You are the sweetest and I feel so blessed to have you as my sister and best friend in the whole world!
    And for the record..Elena totally does need to move on past Stefan. Damon is looking so hot these days…

    Love you!

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