A brief hello…

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged but that’s because I’ve been too busy whispering and laughing and telling secrets with Cakes. Sister time is wonderful. 🙂 Caitlin and Brett both met me at the hospital today for a wonderful hospital lunch (okay, so really the food in our cafe is pretty good) and a tour. This is probably the 3rd “tour” hubs has had of the place, but he was a good sport and tagged along.

But really, it made me proud to work in such an amazing, huge, beautiful children’s hospital. It sure makes it fun to show people around and watch their awed faces.

Cakes has also had some job interviews in the area and I have been crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that one of them will pull through. And then she can move down here and be my BFF forever. Well, my second BFF besides Brett. Who will watch Glee and Dance Mom’s with me every week without one word of complaint or ridicule.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already. Slow down week!

Happy Wednesday.

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