All good things come to an end…

Sadly, Brett and I dropped Cakes off at the airport this evening for her flight back to VA. Although the week went crazy fast, we still managed to have a great time. This weekend we took her up north to share our island with her for a night. Because we’re so nice like that. And because a trip to Florida is not complete without a trip to the island.

And when you’re at the island, enjoying the beach, there’s obviously never a better time for a sister photo shoot. Especially when you happen to be married to a real honest to goodness photographer.

Cait was a bit surprised that the ocean in FL does in fact get a bit chilly in the fall


And what’s better than some cool jumping beach shots?:

Although the two shots we ended up getting looked pretty darn cool in my opinion, these were literally the only two good ones we got. After 10 minutes of the hubs saying, “No, jump at the count of three, not two” and “Christina, you need to actually lift your legs…” or just seeing him burst out laughing after every shot he took, we finally got two good ones. The other 25 jumping pictures? Well….let’s just say we may not be the most talented jumpers in the world. Here are some of my favorite best of the worst jumping pics:

Soooo talented!

Brett wanted to get in on the action and instead of jumping he just looks like he was freeze framed while walking through the air. Or while climbing invisible stairs.

We love this island. And the fun seaweed and shells scattered all over the beach makes for some fun photo props.

Trust me. Seaweed wigs are all the rage this season.

And then, of course, Brett and I had to introduce her to our “time to go home strawberry limeade” from Sonic. Because it’s tradition.

Caitlin, we will miss you. Come back to Florida soon. Or better yet, just move on down.

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