And we’re off…

Hubs and I are getting ready to head to the airport and jet off to VA for a long weekend. One of Brett’s good friends is getting married tomorrow and hubs has the honor of being one of his groomsmen. And I’m mainly excited to finally feel fall for the first time all year. Let’s just pray it’s not rainy and freezing all weekend. But seriously, I’ve never been so excited to pack as I was for this trip. I was all like, “Ohhhh, I forgot about this sweater!! I want to bring this one too!!” That’s what happens when you move to FL and sweaters become a thing of the past.

The groom-to-be (second from the right) as a groomsmen at our own wedding.

Speaking of packing, let’s just take a minute and look at the difference between my carry on and the husband’s:

Guess you can’t tell which one is mine, right? And I didn’t even overpack, I promise!! Okay, so maybe I brought an extra sweater or two because I couldn’t make up my mind, and maybe I packed 4 pairs of shoes, but I really needed my running shoes, dress shoes for the wedding, flats AND boots (because, hey, I haven’t been able to wear cute fall boots in practically forever) so really, I only packed the absolute necessities.

Now all I need to do is figure out what the heck I did with all of my coats….

Have a great weekend!!

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