Back to the heat

Well, Brett and I are back home after a long weekend in VA. And let me just tell you, Virginia is cold. There I was all excited to step off the plane and finally feel fall and instead I stepped off the plane and experienced…winter. It seems although we must have missed fall completely. Darn it.

Hubs is the greatest at scoring sweet deals on hotels and flights (I mean, come on, he IS basically an extreme couponer after all so getting sweet deals must be in his blood) and he found us a great hotel, right off of 95. Of course, being the awesome deal it was meant that we had some beautiful views from our window. Right across the street? Why, that would be a Hooters.

Just keeping. it. classy.

The wedding was wonderful. Where are the pictures, you ask? Well, here’s the thing. The ceremony took place in a church at 7 pm, which means it was really dark. And no one seemed to be using their flash (including the photographer) and I didn’t want to be the one blinding everyone in order to catch the precious moments. So I just took mental pics in my head. And you’ll just have to believe me that it was beautiful.

On Saturday the Lord blessed us with a wonderful, beautiful, crisp fall day, most likely because he was sick of hearing me complain about the weather non-stop since we arrived. Since our flight wasn’t until later that evening, Brett and I decided to drive into Carytown, a cute little area of Richmond, where the police officers still patrol the neighborhoods on horse back.

Carytown is just the cutest. And the houses in the area? Well, let’s just say I wanted to buy almost every other one I saw. And the fall leaves! I was just about ready to shove them in my suitcase and take them back to Florida with me.

This is the point where hubs told me to stop taking pics of cats.

My dream house:

Walking around Richmond did make me miss the rich history of Virginia. My dream is to one day live in an old, historic house, which will not be coming true where we live in south FL unless by “old” and “historic” I mean a ranch house from the 1950’s. Which I don’t. FYI. But hubs seems to think that there are historic FL homes, somewhere. We’ll see.

And I have to say, after sitting in the airport for far too long, I was nothing but thrilled to step outside, smell the sweet salt water breeze and realize that, although it was after midnight, I was not shivering. We’re happy to be home, but even happier that we will be jumping back on a plane in just three days to head up to NY for Thanksgiving!

Hope your weekend was fall-tastic.

4 thoughts on “Back to the heat

  1. Lacey says:

    I love your future (dream) house. It is exactly like one I would have picked, and I totally agree post-1950s is not considered historical – you can, however, call it retro.

  2. John says:

    I really like that first cat picture! The stare, the shadows, the window. It’s very intriguing.
    And those historic homes are gorgeous.

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