Oh, just some thoughts…

It’s Monday. Or Wednesday, depending how you look at it, since I’m only working three days this week. Look at me being all “glass half full.”

Start of the week thoughts.

  1. I burnt my neck with a curling iron like crazy this morning while doing my hair. Which means that I went to work looking like I had a nice big hickey on my neck. Reaaalll professional.
  2. Let’s talk about children and cell phones for a minute. Since when is it common for a 6 year old to have an Iphone? Come on, a child who hardly possesses the fine motor skills to dial a phone number should not have a nicer phone than me. Gone are the days where a kid has to call collect after soccer practice and quickly yell “momcomepickmeup!” when the computerized message asks for your name. “Do you accept a call from-momcomepickmeup!?” Yes, this was my form of communication until I was 16.
  3. The running club decided to take a break from actually running and decided to go see Twilight instead. Best. Decision. Ever. Sometimes you just need a vampire break. And although the movie was killer (obvi) the best entertainment actually came from the family sitting in front of us. The husband, wife, and their 2 almost grown daughters were just loving the movie, dad especially. He made sure to fist pump Edward throughout the movie and boy oh boy was he just loving the werewolves scene.
  4. In two more days Brett and I will be back in NY, the state where our love began. I fully plan on spending a day in the city, walking through every single area that is significant in our relationship. Oh let the memories begin!

4 thoughts on “Oh, just some thoughts…

  1. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    1. You are beautiful.
    2. Love your outfit! So cute.
    3. I know what you mean about kids with cellphones! I didn’t have a cellphone until I was a sophomore in college when I was finally 18 and could pay for it myself. And even then I didn’t even have texting until 2 years ago and I still don’t have a smartphone, haha! I think I will forever be behind the times. 😉
    4. I so hope there is a dad like that when I go see Breaking Dawn with my sister at Christmas. That would make the movie that much better. 😉

  2. jennifer says:

    i’m new to your blog- love it already.
    i think i have that same coat, and it is one of my favorites!
    i love those boots- where are they from????
    and also, i DO NOT understand the children with cell phones thing, if they aren’t old enough to be by themselves without adult supervision then i doubt they need a cell phone.

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