Let’s here it for New York…

So as I’ve said before, hubs and my relationship blossomed in NYC. While I was a grad student, livin’ it up in the big city, he was a student in Boston, 4 too many hours away. But we made the most of it, and man oh man did we enjoy exploring the city as a couple.

Of course, now that we live way down here in south FL we don’t get into our city of love very often. So we need to make the most of it whenever we are in the area. And the most of it did we make over Thanksgiving. We ventured into my old neighborhood, the upper west side, and took a long, long walk down memory lane.

Prepare for photo overload.

Our first stop: Broadway Pizza. I don’t even know how many Broadway pizzas Brett and I ate in the two years I lived there, but I do know that it’s a lot. A whole lot. So many that it made me thank my lucky stars that both hubs and I inherited super sweet metabolisms, otherwise we more than likely would have gained over 10 lbs from pizza alone.

Next stop: checking up on my first NYC apartment. This apartment was amazing, cozy and perfect with an exposed brick wall and built in book shelves in the family room, complete with a ladder. Swoon. Crazy enough the whole brownstone is now under renovation as the family who owns it is taking over all 6 floors. Talk about a huge apartment.

Just standing in the middle of my old street.

W 90th-my old home.

West 90th.

Oh, New York, how I miss you. Hubs and I dreamed of winning the lottery (or suddenly making millions of dollars….how, I’m not sure yet….) and buying a cozy one bedroom apartment overlooking Central Park. You know, just for some much needed weekend get-a-ways.

While in Central Park, Brett and I visited “our castle” where we took our first ever couple photo, back in 2008.

And yes I happen to be wearing the same scarf. not on purpose

Steps to our "secret magic garden" in Central Park


I LOVE the smell and the look of Christmas trees, just waiting to be bought as you walk down the sidewalk. Walking under their canopy is a little piece of heaven.

I was so excited to get to see Marika, a great friend of mine from grad school, and her family. Her little Lucy has gotten so big since I last saw her and man, was she adorable.

Apartment #2.

Hubs and I got bagels here on our first ever NYC hang out

We love, love, LOVE NYC and we were so happy that we could spend some time there, as brief as it may have been. And hey, I’m still holding out on winning some millions and buying our Central Park apartment. It could happen, right?

Happy Wednesday.

5 thoughts on “Let’s here it for New York…

  1. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Oh girl, this whole post makes me happy. I’ve only visited NYC once and it was a brief visit at that, but I miss city living so much. I mean, I still live in the city now, but I live in a city of like 1 million instead of the city of 8 million that I grew up in. Anyway, you make NYC look magical… love it! 🙂

  2. jennifer says:

    i love all of these pictures…how neat that yall got to go back to all of your special spots! love it. and how pretty is your old street…i’ve never been to NY but would love to go..and seeing all these pictures makes me really want to go. hopefully someday i can make it up there to sight-see!

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