Oh Christmas tree

When taking a picture in front of a Christmas tree, you must wear your winter garb.

Brett and I had a low-key weekend as I continue to recover from my oh-so-fun ER experience. But we did make a trip to the good ol’ Big Lots on Saturday in order to get our first ever married Christmas tree.

Although Brett and I are both adamantly  against fake trees (I mean, come on, 3/4 of the joy that comes from having a Christmas tree is the awesome spruce smell) we didn’t have much of a choice this year.
Since we have a little apartment and since we live in Florida, where real Christmas trees don’t exist (kidding. kind of) we decided to go with a fake one. Just for now. Until we have our house.
So don’t judge us, okay?

But I have to say, little Herbie looks so festive all lit up and decorated. He shines and shines in a little corner of our family room, making anyone whose gaze falls upon him happy and full of Christmas cheer.

And maybe he doesn’t smell delicious, but we fixed that problem by buying a balsam fir candle, also at The Big Lots. Thank you Big Lots for bringing the Becker family such holiday happiness.

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