Man oh man has this been a crazy week.
December at a children’s hospital brings a Santa Clause every other day, plus a million high school groups who want to come caroling plus holiday craft groups galore…and so on.
And although I love every single minute of it, I definitely come home from work every night totally drained.
And it does make Fridays and the thought of 2 days of resting all the more wonderful.

So welcome weekend.

This weekend may bring a big change for me and hubs! There is a chance that we could be moving to a larger apartment soon.
An apartment that’s more of a house and less of a “I can hear everything my neighbor does” complex.
Plus it’s a 2 bedroom, which means that we are now accepting visitors.
So, you know, if you want to come on down to south FL we would have the space!
More details coming soon

For now I plan on curling up with a good movie (we finally rented Water for Elephants and I’m so excited! That is one of my all time favorite books).
And although husband claims that the cover of the movie “makes it look like it’s going to be boring” I know it’s going to be awesome. Add in some ice cream and you have a perfect Friday night.

Happy Weekend.

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