Hardcore falls.

Running club kicked butt tonight. Shannon and I were totally killing it until about a mile from the finish. There we are running along (in the dark) and suddenly I hit a ditch. While Shannon screams I did an impressive roll, while simultaneously smashing my elbow, hip, knee and scrapping up both palms. Feeling the burn I just jumped up and moved on, finishing the run with dirt streaks down my arms and legs. And yes, now I might be too much of a baby to clean out the impressive amount of dirt embedded in my palms, but those few minutes, I was totally hard core. And we celebrated our impressive run with chips and salsa instead of fro-yo. It was a welcome change.

Yesterday hubs and I went over and signed the lease on our brand new house-apartment. We are totally psyched, although the thought of moving all of our furniture makes me feel a little less enthused.

Here is a pic of our new front door. And yes, I love the door knocker.

Happy almost weekend.

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