Sunday thoughts.

This weekend has been a great mix of relaxing and productivity. Yesterday hubs and I fought the Christmas crowds and managed to finish our holiday list. Well, minus the gifts I need to buy for him. Brett, on the other hand was all like, “How much do you want your gifts to be a surprise?” as he held up a sports bra (super romantic, I know, but the fact remains that I do need some new ones.) I asked him to please refrain from buying my gifts while I was with him, which he lovingly did.

At times I forget that it’s winter when outside it looks like this:

For some reason I keep thinking that it is the same elsewhere, until I talk to someone up north and they mention how freezing it’s been. I have a feeling that hubs and I will be rather shocked when we step off the plane this Friday and into the freezing cold Pennsylvania air.

Today, minus my morning run and church, we have bunkered down in our apartment, pretending that the winter chill is here as well. The day has consisted of good movies and afternoon naps, which makes the end of the weekend all the more enjoyable. Add in pancakes for dinner and it comes out pretty much perfect.

I will leave you with this, a sneak peak of our new house’s dining room/kitchen/sliding door to our new pool!

Hope you had a relaxing and productive last weekend before Christmas!

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