Countdown to Christmas

So apparently I took a blogging break this week without really meaning too. Sorry about that.

This week has been insane. With work, getting ready to travel, Christmas shopping and then my sister getting engaged. WHAT!

There they are; the happy couple. I was so excited to get that call last night (even though I totally knew it was coming-sorry Evan) and I am now even more excited about going home and seeing her and the ring!  It’s one thing to get engaged yourself and have the crazy excitement of planning your own wedding. Obviously I loved that. But thinking about getting to enjoy my sister’s engagement, helping plan the shower and the wedding, all without the stress of actually being the bride…well, I can’t help thinking that this might be even better. 🙂

Christmas count down: one more day of craziness at the children’s hospital until the hubs and I are on a plane, on the way to PA. And can I just say that, as much as we love holiday donations at the hospitals, some donations are just a tad over zealous?

Case in point:

Thank you for your generosity, but the children really do not need a 5 ft tall teddy bear. But really, thank you.  So much.

Happy Thursday!

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