Christmas 2011

Christmas in PA was wonderful.
Although we did not get the holiday snow I was hoping for, we still had that good old cozy family feel in the house all week, making me want to live in fleece pants and snuggley slippers. And so I basically did.

new Christmas Eve pajamas-a family tradition

Hubs' first Christmas pjs!

Brett was sooo excited about my new kitty travel pillow.

My sister was loving enough to get me an antique E.T. glass for Christmas. Oh how sweet of her. Problem is; I have an intense fear of that creature. And I mean intense. It all started the first time I saw that dreadful movie, at about 4 years old. There was E.T. all sickly and pasty in that tube thing…ugh. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps. Bottom line, he’s gross and I will not be drinking out of that glass.

Overall, the week was relaxing and wonderful. The sisters even got the band back together on Rock Band, with a special singing performance by hubs himself.

And although I’m not sure if I did much more than sit, read, watch movies and talk with the fam, it was exactly what I needed for a week.
The week ended with a special girl’s only trip to a bridal shop to search for a wedding dress for my newly engaged sis. We shopped for hours, and we found the perfect dress in the end. And I mean perfect.

And no, this is not the dress she picked. I can’t post that pic on the interwebs. Obvi. But I can tell you that she looks stunning in the real deal. (Although we really couldn’t find a dress that she didn’t totally rock).

We loved our taste of PA winter, but weren’t complaining when we stepped off the plane and into the Florida goodness that is perfect 70 degree weather.

And now hubs and I are in full packing mode, planning on moving into the new digs this weekend!

Happy Wednesday.

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