And we’ve arrived!

Hubs and I spent the day moving into the new place and we are now 99% moved in! I’ll tell you what, moving sure is easy when you are literally transporting your crap 100 yards down the street. The only huge thing left to move is our dresser, which is so outrageously heavy that even my strong woman arms couldn’t lift it. So for now it will sit in our old, empty bedroom. And we will just have to go without drawers for a few days.

The new house is awesome. I am loving the space that we have and the fact that we now have an upstairs! It’s crazy how a set of stairs can make a house feel 20 times larger.

One of the first things we did was set up one of our Christmas gifts, an awesome Blu-Ray player from my parents. And then we stole their Netflix password so we could watch as many episodes of The Office as we want. Thanks mom and dad.

And then hubs celebrated the move by making his world famous fries in our new bigger (yet still crazy messy) kitchen.

More pics of the place coming soon, once it actually looks neat and pretty.

Until then, happy weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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