And she has arrived!

My sister and her fluffy dog Kumar made the big move to FL on Thursday! And we are loving having them live so close by. Caitlin did the whole “let’s move 1,000 miles away with no furniture” deal so today hubs and I accompanied her on a “let’s furnish the entire apartment, but try to spend as little money as possible” shopping spree. And man oh man did we succeed. For this mission I knew exactly where we needed to go: the clearance outlet at Rooms to Go. I’m telling you, if you don’t live near a Rooms to Go Super Center you are missing out. This place is a gold mine, but you totally have to go in there with the right mindset. Cait, hubs and I entered that outlet like we were entering battle. Here’s the deal: The place is full of awesome furniture at awesome deals, but on a first come first serve basis. See it, grab the price tag, and get that sold tag smacked on before someone else snatches the goods. There’s no thinking no “we’ll come back laters,” you want it, it’s now or never. And let me tell you, we were on a MISSION so Cait and I ran around that store, securing deals like it was our job.

And I might have yelled, “Get back to the couch!!” at one point when I over heard a couple trying to make a move on the couch we had our eyes on. And Cait leaped over two ottomans and ripped that tag off before that couple knew what hit them. I’m telling you, we are outlet shopping superstars. And let me just say, we did gooooood. And tomorrow, that apartment will finally stop echoing when the delivery truck comes with her triumphant winnings.

We celebrated by heading to the Red Lantern for some “Welcome to FL” Chinese food.

such important wisdom

close up my hands and nails are heinous.

Hubs won hands down for the best fortune

It was a long, fun, successful day. Hubs and I were even lucky enough to score a great deal on an area rug for the family room so my feet will finally stop freezing on the tile floor. Now I’m off to continue devouring the Hunger Games trilogy. One book down, two more to go!

Happy Weekend.

5 thoughts on “And she has arrived!

  1. Lacey says:

    1. I LOVE your sisters nail polish.
    2. The Hunger Games are a great series. How long has it taken you to read them and how many other important things have you avoided so that you could keep reading them?

  2. Christina Lynne says:

    Her nail polish is so great, I think that was a gift from Santa this year. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And I LOVE the Hunger Games trilogy!!! I read the first one in less than a week and now I’m onto the second. Luckily I have a Kindle so it’s easy to quickly download the next book as soon as I finish. I seriously couldn’t stop reading the first one. I read it during breakfast, during commercials while watching my shows, while making dinner, before bed, etc. That Kindle hardly leaves my hands! haha. And now I’m so excited for the movie in March!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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