Can’t. Stop. Reading

So I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to this series.
I thought book addiction had happened before, first with Harry Potter, then with the Twilight series, but I seriously think this might be the strongest addiction yet. I’ve heard about this series for months. Friends and relatives alike have told me how good it is and I’ve always nodded and said, “Oh yeah, it’s on my to read list!” But then somehow I would always find another book I’ve been wanting to read and the series, once again, would be put on my back burner. And then I got a Kindle for Christmas and I realized just how cheap buying the Kindle edition of the book was so I decided, “what the heck” and bought all three. And now the addiction is in full swing. I’ve read two and a half books in a week, while somehow still managing to work full time and get my usual 8 hours of sleep.  I’m not sure how I’m doing this. All I know is that this Kindle will be in front of my face as much as possible until I’ve finished the series. And then I’ll sit up, blink a few times, and wonder what the heck I’m supposed to do with my free time now that I’m done reading. At least the movie is coming out soon!

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