Kids, Could they get any cuter?

One of my much-missed cuties from my nannying days

Every once in awhile I meet a child at the hospital who says or does something so cute or charming I want to tell them, “that, right there, is the reason I do this job.” Today I was lucky enough to get the motherload of all cuteness and charm in the form of 2 brothers.

Both boys came to the hospital ready for back-to-back scans. They charmed me from the moment I walked in, seeing both of them snuggled up together in one hospital bed. We quickly got off on the right foot, becoming BFF’s after they rallied through their IV’s and were rewarded with basically the coolest prize ever for a 3 and 7 year old- getting to become pirates. You would think me bringing them pirate rings, eye patches, bandanas and “real” pirate gold was the most amazing thing in the world. And it was, obviously. Our friendship blossomed over the course of the day with some cowboy and indian play, coloring, and Wii action. Then came the conversation that brought it all home.

Coming back from lunch I heard the three year old was done with his scan, awake and asking for me. The conversation that followed:

Me: Walking into room
3 year old: “There’s my pretty girl!!!!”
7 year old (blushing): “Why would he say that?!”
3 year old: “Because….(to me): I love you.”
Me: (heart melting): “Thank you, I love you too!”
7 year old (really blushing now): “Mom!! Why did he say that?!”
Mom: “Because he thinks she’s pretty! Don’t you think she is pretty?”
7 year old: (giving me the up and down look): “No.”
Me: Dying laughing
Mom: “What! Why are you blushing then? You don’t think she’s pretty?”
7 year old: (sighs) “Mom, I already have a girlfriend.”
Mom: “You can have a girlfriend and still think another girl is pretty!”
7 year old (big sigh): “Mom, that’s called cheating.

My heart could not take these two sweet nuggets. Seriously, could my job be any better?

6 thoughts on “Kids, Could they get any cuter?

  1. Kerry Haddock says:

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I am super interested in becoming a child life specialist and I am from LI so I was considering applying to Bank Street!! I would LOVE to hear more about your experiences!

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