The Chair

I am in love with my new reading chair. Hubs bought it for me at Marshall’s for a steal. Shopping may not be a guy’s specialty, but I swear my husband has a sixth sense when it comes it finding awesome furniture at great deals. We have this random balcony outside our bedroom and as soon as we moved in I thought, “this would make an excellent reading nook!” Because, really, every girl needs her own reading nook. Cute comfy chair is step one. Now all we need to do is get a standing lamp, ottoman, and a colorful throw pillow and we are set. Welcome reading nook.

This week is flying by, which is just great since Saturday is a big, big day: my 26th birthday. I’m ready for a big family dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant. This place has garlic rolls that make you want to forget about ordering dinner and just fill up on those instead. But if you’re nice enough to the waiter they may just give you a bag to bring the leftover rolls home.

The week is almost half over! Happy Tuesday.

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