Happiest Place on Earth

This time tomorrow night we will be on our way to Orlando!! Cinderella, here we come!

Although baby is keeping me from running the Disney Princess Half Marathon, (yes, I had to stop training when I found out I was pregnant, I was so nauseous for the first few months that running made me heave-it was lovely) hubs, noodle and I will still be there, cheering on the running club! And we will be the loudest, most supportive group in the crowed. Saturday we are getting in the Disney mood by spending the afternoon at Magic Kingdom, and I seriously could not be more excited. I haven’t been there in years and “It’s a Small World” is calling my name. Ha.

And let me just say, I need to get myself over to the happiest place on earth, stat. Yesterday morning hubs and I woke up to a broken fridge/freezer and it’s still not fixed. Which means I’m going on day 2 without cereal. Baby and I are NOT pleased. Luckily, my sister lives 1/4 mile down the street so we were able to throw what food we could save into some bags and drive them over to her apartment at 7 am. Good morning sunshine!!! Now take our food.

Next post will include some fun Disney World and 1/2 marathon pictures!!!

Happy Thursday!

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