15 weeks

The belly’s growing!!
However, looking at the picture above my butt seems to be getting flatter. Seriously, it must be the pants, I promise it’s usually there.

I’m not sure exactly how much weight I’ve gained so far, but I think it’s about 4 lbs. We don’t happen to own a scale. At my 12 week appointment I had gained a whopping total of 0 pounds and I haven’t been back to the doctors since. Today at the hospital I decided to step on the scale, but the weight is displayed in kg’s and my conversion math is a bit rusty. All that to say, I think I’m up 4 lbs now, but we will find out for sure at my doctor’s appointment next Tuesday.

At this point I am just so excited to be into my second trimester. Man, the first one was rough. I guess I can’t complain too much, since I only threw up a few times (although having to leave a patient’s room to go barf in the staff bathroom is never fun) but the constant state of nausea was starting to drive me mad. Luckily, I seem to be passed that now. I’m still waiting for that “burst of energy!” that’s supposed to come with the second trimester. Ummm yeah, I still want to fall asleep by 7 pm every night, so I don’t think we’re there yet…

As for movement, I think I’ve started to feel the baby flutter a few times. It kind of feels like a tickle, like I want to scratch my stomach from the inside. Pretty crazy, I’m just excited to start feeling some real kicks!! Our next ultra sound appointment is in 3 weeks and (if all goes well) we SHOULD be able to find out the gender! I started this pregnancy all like, “I am NOT going to find out what I am having! Why would ANYONE want to ruin God’s greatest surprise?!” I will admit I made it to about week 8 before I was dying to know if baby was a boy or a girl. That’ll teach me to be all pious.

As for our gender guess? Hubs and I are both thinking boy at the moment, but we will see. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking because we have a boy’s name perfectly picked out (first and middle!) but have been waffling back and forth on a girl’s name for weeks. Although I think we’ve finally agreed on a name if it’s a girl.

And that’s about all the updates I’ve got. Now I’m going to eat something since I seem to have moved from everything making me nauseous, to wanting to shove anything and everything into my mouth. Let’s start packing on those pounds!

Happy Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “15 weeks

  1. Mom says:

    I looked in the mirror today and guess what? I think I found your butt…and you can have it back now. Thanks for the update! You are glowing! I love you!

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