Monday Thoughts

This lovely photo was snapped by my loving husband at the Disney Princess half marathon. Apparently he found it hilarious to take super flattering pictures of his “I have to pee” pregnant wife using the porta-potties.

Moving on.

Some random Monday thoughts:

  • Just because you are pregnant, it probably isn’t a good idea to watch a movie with a giant 3 lb bag of peanut butter M&M’s on your lap. You will end up eating a LOT more than you suspect.
  • On the same topic, it’s probably NOT the best idea to ask the hugely pregnant lady at the doctor’s office how far along she is and then exclaim “Oh that’s it? Wow!” when she says 7 months because you were totally thinking she was ready to give birth, like today. She will want to kill you.
  • Trying on maternity swimsuits, when you haven’t exactly popped yet is hilarious.
  • Having a random Monday off when hubs is working makes me realize how much I’m like a little kid. Ummm…seriously, who’s going to entertain me all day??
  • I suck at watering plants. Even pretty flower plants hubs gives me for Valentine’s Day.

The Bachelor’s on tonight! You know what that means; sistah sistah nights and ice cream. Gotta love it.

Happy Monday!

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