16 1/2 weeks

Weight gain: -1 lb from last week. So total weight gain so far= 3 lbs.
Baby’s heart rate: 155 bpm. Which, according to old wives’ tales could mean it’s a girl (they say above 144 bpm means a girl, below 144 bpm, a boy). I’m still thinking boy though.
Biggest craving this week:  fruit. Seriously, I can’t get enough!! This week it’s been apples with peanut butter, pineapple, and strawberries.
Energy level: still way down. It doesn’t help that I have a job where I’m on my feet and walking around the majority of the day. Bed time for me has still been between 8-9 pm every night, which means I’ve been getting about 9 1/2-10 1/2 hours of sleep a night!
How clothes fit: still wearing normal clothes, although I did buy my first maternity shirt over the weekend! Basically just because it was super cute. I can still wear my normal black dress pants to work, although I finally had to unsnap the top snap for some breathing room.  I think my work pants will fit for a few more weeks before I give in and buy some maternity pants. All my jeans, however, fit fine and seem like they will fit for awhile longer!
Movement: starting to feel little flutters in there!! Mostly in the evenings. While hubs and I eat dinner and watch multiple episodes of The Office on Netflix, noodle likes to fit in a workout.
Next doctor’s appointment: had one today (momma and baby are healthy) and we have our next sonogram appointment in 2 weeks!! At that appointment we will finally find out if noodles a girl or a boy!

Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “16 1/2 weeks

  1. Lynda says:

    Christina, I want to you know how much I love your blog. In my job, I see the moms and babies 2 hours after birth until discharge. It’s just a little moment. I am enjoying following your progress. Lots of love to you and Brett.

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