Weekend Happenings

The weekend was a good mix of being productive but also relaxing. Saturday hubs and I brought my car to the auto shop for it’s 30,000 mile check up (gotta make sure the car stays healthy!) Although the garage took 5 flippin’ hours to finish servicing my car, hubs and I stayed busy exploring Boca.

We started with a breakfast place and walking down the street I knew when we had hit a gold mine. My dad always taught me the key to finding a perfect breakfast joint. Does it look a little run down without being downright sketchy? Check. Are there a lot of cars in the parking lot? Check. Does it have a certain charm that makes you interested? Check (in this case, a take-out bagel window, how cool is that??) Hubs was a little apprehensive but I was sold as soon as we sat down (in the packed mural painted dining room) and the waiter brought us over some delicious (free) marble cake to munch on as we ordered. And it is not hard to win me over when you bring me cake. Luckily, breakfast was also amazing and I left a little smug at hubs for doubting my breakfast picking skills in the first place.

The exploring continued with finding the perfect park for noodle to play at (I’m just in love with that huge tree begging to be climbed) and a wetland board walk leading to a peaceful lake. Florida has a bunch of these random wetland boardwalks scattered about in parks, which I just love. I guess when 90% of your state is a swamp you might as well throw up some wooden board walks and make it look enticing.

Today we finished up the weekend with a morning coffee date at Starbucks before church, where I learned that my growing bump makes a perfect resting spot for my vanilla latte. Not a bad weekend.

Happy Sunday!

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