17 1/2 weeks

Weight gain: Who knows? If I’m on track from last week I would say 4 lbs. I probably should buy a scale.
Biggest craving this week:  bagels with either cream cheese or egg and cheese. When I was first pregnant bagels were all I could stomach so I ate them a LOT. When the nausea finally went away I avoided bagels for awhile, but now the craving is back, especially when it comes to egg and cheese sandwiches on a toasted bagel. Yum.
Energy level: still way down, but may be picking up?? The last 2 nights I’ve stayed up until close to 10 pm!!! Woah!
How clothes fit: I have fashioned a genius hook for my work pants, using a paper clip. This device gives me about 3 more inches of space! Crazy enough my work pants may now last me a few more weeks! As you can see, I am digging in my heels when it comes to buying maternity pants. The shirts you can always wear again (half the time you can’t even tell it’s a maternity shirt!) but the pants just seem like such a waste of money to me. I know I’ll have to give in at some point though…
Movement: This week noodle has been really kicking up a storm, especially after I eat my nightly bowl of ice cream (this kid will come out of the womb loving dessert). Baby’s favorite flavor is cookies and cream because after I eat it he always does a little jig.
Next doctor’s appointment: Monday we have a sonogram!! If baby cooperates we will leave that appointment knowing if it’s a girl or a boy!! Hubs and I plan on driving directly from the appointment to the store where we will each pick out 1 outfit for noodle. I can’t wait. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “17 1/2 weeks

  1. Mom says:

    You look beautiful! I wish you lived closer so I could share every day of this miraculous time with you. I love you!

  2. CIndy says:

    You’re so tiny! 🙂 Use a hairband around the button, thru the bottom hole, then looped back around the button – gives you a couple extra inches! (for jeans anyway, don’t know what your work pants are like). Also, I recommend a belly band! Find a used one (craigslist, thrift store, etc). You’ll use it a ton, and even for a few weeks postpartum (well, you will probably leave the hospital in pre-pregnancy jeans you’re so tiny!) Congratulations – can’t wait to hear if noodle is a boy or girl!!

    • Christina Lynne says:

      Hahaha thanks! I don’t always feel tiny, but I know the noodle bump is just going to continue to grow! 🙂 And thanks for the hair tie tip for jeans, I’ve started doing that recently!

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