18 1/2 weeks

Total weight gain: 4.8 lbs
Baby’s heart rate: 155 bpm, a strong and healthy girl!!
Baby’s weight: 8 ozs! Which actually is a little bigger than normal for 18 weeks (common is 5.5-7 oz) so it looks like we’ve got a little chunker!
Biggest craving this week:  I’m starting to crave veggies again, mostly cucumbers, carrots and green peppers with a bowl of ranch dressing for dipping. Yum!!!
Energy level: Getting back up there! It’s now common for me to stay up until around 9:30 pm! Crazy!! I don’t feel as drained during the day either as I’m rushing around the hospital.
How clothes fit: Still holding strong with my normal pants!! (See picture below for my genius new paper clip snapped work pants). My bump is still relatively small so it’s allowing me to continue to wear my normal pants with just a few minor adjustments, but I know it’s going to suddenly pop in the next few weeks and normal pants will quickly become a thing of the past!
Movement: Baby girl is now full on moving in there. This week also marks the first time hubs could feel her kick from the outside, which was really exciting!!! She is definitely most active in the evenings and nights, but every once in awhile she’ll give me some good kicks in the early afternoons to remind me that she’s still there. 🙂
Next doctor’s appointment: Doctor’s appointment in 2 week and then another ultra sound in 4 weeks. I LOVE the ultra sound appointments, I feel like I could just lie there and watch baby girl dance around forever!

Here is an uncomfortably close up picture of my gut to show you how a paper clip is full on extending the life of my work pants:
Genius, I know.

Happy Wednesday!

One thought on “18 1/2 weeks

  1. Mom says:

    You are a genius, but the next step is to go to the rubber band and you may get another month out of those pants! However you may need to have the zipper down a tad. Just make sure you have a shirt long enough to cover that!

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